Silverton Photography 

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Silverton Photography is the result of a hobby gone feral! Hi, I'm Helen Murray, the person behind the camera. I retired from work earlier than I would have liked due to chronic osteo-arthritis, so  I started following my  interest in photography  to keep my body mobile and the rest of me from going crazy.

I live at Silverton, Outback NSW, Australia. Silverton is a tiny village about 25kms from Broken Hill,  population about 38 and is a mecca for film makers , photographers and artists. It's all about the light, apparently. For me, it's all about the place....it's beautiful.....the scenery, the wildlife, the sense of serenity I feel here.

I first started selling my work through the Silverton Tea Rooms/CafĂ© (sadly, now closed).Brian and Margaret were kind enough to give me a go and things started to happen. A number of my dust storm photos sold really well, then others we added started to sell too. Next thing, I had people ringing me wanting to visit my gallery.....gallery....what gallery???  It became very apparent that I'd better get a gallery if I were to keep selling my work. The thought crossed my mind on a number of occasions that perhaps I was getting out of my depth, but why not! So I cleaned out an old room at the back of the house......it used to be a chicken processing room when the property was a poultry farm (that's another story on another page), painted it and started hanging photos. The rest, as they say, is history. It's only small, but it's packed full of images to suit all budgets. The Gallery has been open for a few years now and is getting more popular all the time. I now open my garden to visitors, too. It is a little unique for this area, with ponds and water features and great birdlife. Check out the garden page for more info. It doesn't look much from the gate as you pull up....but come in....prepare to be surprised.....

The Gallery is open most days, except  Sundays and Christmas Day.

Opening times are 10am to 3pm, but this can vary ( I have to take photos sometimes...) so if the sign says open come in and say hello.

You can find the Gallery at Lot 10 Umberumberka Creek Road, Silverton. Follow the signs from the Silverton Road at the Penrose Park turn-off and you will find us.

You will be greeted by Bandit, our very friendly dog. He doesn't bite, but he does love a pat and a cuddle.